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Photos: Becca Rillo, Natalia Walth,Rebecca Belenky Skyla Walton, and Anna Elledge

Special thanks to Renee Sicignano and the Santa Clarita Valley Birth Center for providing many of the beautiful photo opportunities.

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Pregnancy & Birth  


Home birth

We believe that birthing is a normal physiological process that works best when you feel safe and secure. Trust in your body and the people who are caring for you helps your brain and body birth your baby. Over the course of your pregnancy, we build an immense amount of trust with our clients by giving you the time, information and support you need to make your best choices. Our appointments are tailored to your specific needs so that by the time that you're in labor, you have the type of connection with your midwife that allows you to let go and birth. 


There is nothing quite like welcoming your baby into the world in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by those you love. All of our births are attended by two licensed midwives, and we come to you with the necessary equipment and supplies to monitor and care for you and your baby.

Choosing out-of-hospital birth

The majority of people are good candidates for out-of-hospital birth. For more information about the safety of birthing out of the hospital, check out the landmark study conducted by the Midwives Alliance of North America, which confirms the safety for low-risk families who choose to birth at home with a midwife.  


Choosing your midwifery team is incredibly personal- so we offer free one-hour consultations so you can see if we're the right fit for you.  

Prenatal care

Midwifery appointments provide plenty of time to assess the health of you and your baby, address all of your questions and build a bond with your midwife. All blood work is included and billed to your insurance, and you will be connected with collaborative partners for ultrasound services. Your visits happen 

  • Once a month until your 28th week of pregnancy  

  • Twice a month from 28 to 36 weeks

  • Once a week from 36 weeks until the birth 


Water birth

The majority of families will choose to labor in a tub, which is one of the sweetest perks of choosing out-of-hospital birth. The warmth of the water and lack of gravity helps ease the pain and creates a smooth transition for baby.

Postpartum care

Six weeks of postpartum care is included after your birth. Since our midwife is also an IBCLC, all of these visits include lactation consultations to ensure that you have the support you need to meet your feeding goals. Your midwife will see you

  • At your home within 24 – 36 hours of your birth 

  • For 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week visits to ensure all is going well



From the moment you start care, you have access to a midwife via phone 24/7. A reassuring voice is just a phone call away.