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Photos: Becca Rillo, Natalia Walth,Rebecca Belenky Skyla Walton, and Anna Elledge

Special thanks to Renee Sicignano and the Santa Clarita Valley Birth Center for providing many of the beautiful photo opportunities.

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Horizon Midwifery is dedicated to serving the LGBTQ community and working to reduce health disparities in communities of color. 

African American women and babies are dying at disproportionately higher rates in pregnancy and birth in the US than any other group. In 2009, the infant mortality rate was highest for infants of non-Hispanic Black mothers (12.40 per 1,000 live births)—a rate 2.3 times that of non-Hispanic Whites, and these numbers continue to rise.

Simultaneously, transgender Americans face some of the worst health disparities in our country due in part to discrimination and limited access to competent health care providers. It is estimated that the average life expectancy of a trans woman of color is 35 years.

These problems are rooted in systemic, institutionalized racism and bigotry that has persisted in the US for hundreds of years. 


It is essential that we all be a part of the solution. We look forward to working together to make birth and life safer and healthier for all us.