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Photos: Becca Rillo, Natalia Walth,Rebecca Belenky Skyla Walton, and Anna Elledge

Special thanks to Renee Sicignano and the Santa Clarita Valley Birth Center for providing many of the beautiful photo opportunities.

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Well-Bodies & More 

Exams and cancer screenings

Annual check-ups, clinical breast and chest exams, Paps, testing for sexually transmitted infections and more. Visits include any necessary lab work and referrals as needed. We discuss alternate positioning during exams and in-home Pap tests to keep our care client-safe and client-directed.

Birth control options

Explore non-hormonal and hormonal options and find the best fit for you. Learn how to chart your cycle, explore the effectiveness of common methods and make a tailored fertility plan that works for your life. 

Preconception counseling 

Optimize your health before pregnancy, learn about conception timing, or discuss sperm donation options with a culturally competent provider. 

Pregnancy options counseling 

Adoption information, termination counseling and referrals, and recommendations for other local pregnancy and birth related providers.


Termination & miscarriage support  

Connect with a midwife who respects your choices and can offer guidance, referrals and support around challenging circumstances. These services are offered free of charge.